A place to unearth wonder.

Immersive gaming worlds tailored for epic adventures.


We are Muddy Robot Games—a haven for unearthing wonder through play. Here, every game is a portal to rediscover the thrill of exploration and the delight of imagination that transcends age.

Our essence is crafting tales that resonate deeply, connecting players to the whimsy of the past and the promise of tomorrow. Our commitment: to delve into the heart of gaming, where joy and complexity intertwine seamlessly.

In our narratives, social presence, and games, we champion our ethos, "Unearth Wonder." Our pursuit is not just to entertain but to foster a space where every game is a journey to something unforgettable, reinforcing our studio as a bastion of heartfelt, legendary gaming adventures.

At Muddy Robot Games, we are deeply committed to creating immersive gaming experiences that reignite the joy and wonder of childhood play. Our expertise, drawn from industry giants such as Electronic Arts, Disney, Google, Fox, and Valve, enriches our mission to innovate and delight. With developers hailing from all corners of the United States, we weave together the threads of imagination and emotion to produce games that resonate profoundly with our players' hearts.

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