Dec 01, 2023

Company Overview: Welcome to Muddy Robot Games—a sanctuary where creativity and innovation interlace to craft immersive gaming experiences. Our indie studio is a haven for those eager to unearth wonder through play, crafting narratives that connect players to the whimsy of the past and the promise of tomorrow. We are a fully remote team, thriving on a culture that’s positive, diverse, and open to all who share our vision of rediscovering the thrill of exploration and imagination.

Role Summary: At Muddy Robot Games, the Technical Director is the keystone of our technical operations, managing the intricate architecture that forms the foundation of our gaming experiences. In this pivotal role, you’ll oversee network stability, cloud infrastructure, data integrity, system resilience, and secure payment processing. Your mission is to ensure our games are not just launched but remain live, responsive, and secure against external threats. You’ll guarantee that when gamers are ready to immerse themselves, our worlds are waiting for them—safe, swift, and spectacular. Must be located in the United States.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Cybersecurity, or a related technical field.
  • Experience with technologies and information systems in the gaming industry is highly preferred. 

Experience Requirements:

  • 5+ years of experience in a technical leadership role within the gaming, media, or entertainment industry, focusing on systems architecture and security.
  • Alternatively, 7+ years in a similar capacity within other industries, with a demonstrated transition into gaming or entertainment-focused technological landscapes.

Additional Skills and Knowledge:

  • Deep understanding of backend services, databases, security protocols, and cloud architectures, with a proven track record of maintaining system integrity and operational uptime.
  • Proficient in performance optimization for high-traffic platforms and cross-platform development to ensure a seamless gaming experience.
  • Strategic in adopting and implementing new technologies that advance our gaming platforms’ capabilities and security measures.
  • Exceptional leadership qualities, capable of guiding and nurturing a technical team, fostering innovation, and technical excellence.

Personal Attributes:

  • Adaptable and Agile: Possesses the flexibility to adapt to new challenges and the agility to shift focus or priorities in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment.
  • Innovative and Proactive: Shows initiative in problem-solving, always looking for creative solutions and improvements, and is not afraid to suggest new ideas that could benefit the projects or the company.
  • Team-Oriented: Demonstrates strong collaboration skills, understanding that teamwork is crucial to success, and is willing to lend a hand to colleagues or seek help when needed.
  • Open Communication: Practices clear and open communication, can articulate thoughts and ideas effectively, and is receptive to feedback and constructive criticism.
  • Passionate and Driven: Exhibits a strong passion for gaming and a drive to contribute to the creation of memorable gaming experiences, motivated by a shared vision of excellence.

Work Environment: We are currently a fully remote studio. We are calling for individuals across the United States who are ready to join our narrative from 9-5 PM based on their local time zone, Monday through Friday. We are unable to bring on international candidates at this time.

Compensation: Muddy Robot Games invites you to contribute your skills and expertise as a contractor. Instead of a traditional salary, you will receive equity shares in the company, signifying your role as a stakeholder. The initial value of your equity is based on a fair market valuation, corresponding to the agreed-upon worth of your input. 

Our equity compensation model is structured to proportionately reward your contributions. As the company progresses, it’s important to understand that the value of your equity may vary with market conditions and company performance. It is essential for prospective contractors to consult with a professional regarding the legal and tax implications of equity compensation.

How to Apply: Embark on a journey with Muddy Robot Games by applying through our website at Share with us how your unique abilities can contribute to our mission of bringing wonder to life. 

Job Category: Technical
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote

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